Mankato Regional Wastewater Disinfection System Upgrade

Location: 10 Civic Center Plaza Mankato, MN, 56001

Project Sponsor: City of Mankato

Requested Amount: $5,000,000

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Use of Funds and Justification: 

The funding would be used to reconstruct a new disinfection basin that would allow for new chemical feeds, provide for monitoring and processing equipment consistent with disinfection best practices as outlined in the Ten State Standards, and ensure the reliability of the disinfection infrastructure to enhance the safety of the staff that work in and around these basins every day. 

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because it has a large impact on Minnesota’s First Congressional District. The requested funds would ensure safe and sustainable wastewater service delivery throughout seven jurisdictions that serve a combined 65,000 residents and treat approximately twelve million gallons of effluent per day. Additionally, this project contributes to phosphorus trading with the cities of Granite Falls, MN, Walnut Grove, MN, as well as the Lower Sioux Indian Community.